American Dream Pizza



"Where the back alley meets the high road"

214 SW 2nd Street – Behind the Downtown Dream
Hours – 4:30pm until close

If you like cocktails, you've come to the right spot. We're a hands-on bar, and we take
great pleasure in mixing tasty cocktails using our liquor infusions and fresh muddled juices.
Honest cocktails for workaday people. Sit back, sip, relax and enjoy.
Ca-Caw! Ca-Caw!


Blackberry Vodka * Apricot Bourbon

Lemon-Raspberry Vodka

Serrano Pepper Vodka * Ginger Vodka

Grapefruit Vodka * Blueberry Vodka

Cucumber Gin * Cranberry-Orange Vodka

Fresh Lime Tequila * Kiwi Gin

Peach Rum* Strawberry Vodka

Outdoor rooftop seating in season.